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Find My HDFS Security Terms For Protecting Personal Data

Harley-Davison Incorporated is a U.S based company which manufactures a variety of motor cycles. This company started making such bikes in the year 1903 and has been able to offer unique designs as well as reliable quality in its products. It has been able to beat its competitors over the years. The competitors include motor cycle manufacturers from different countries such as India, Japan etc. the company currently has about 6000 employees who work at different locations to offer any required product to the customers in most convenient possible way and help them out with any of their questions. The company was able to generate $5.3 billion revenue according to the statistics of the year 2011.

How to find:

You can protect your personal data by using the security settings at HDFS. This can be done by utilizing the steps which are mentioned as under:

  • Go to the official web page where this company offers its security service to its customers which is www.myhdfs.com/security.
  • This website provides information related to security settings for all the account holders on this website.
  • This website uses the SSL algorithm for protection of data. SSL is Secure Socket Layer program for encryption of data transmitted between client and server. Thus, the passwords, user IDs and other personal information is protected.
  • The same algorithm decrypts this data at the other end in order to transmit the required information to the server.
  • You can get this security service by going to the official web page where this company offers these security settings.
  • You can also contact the company representatives and ask them for help regarding this topic by calling at the number 1-888-MY1-HDFS FREE or 1-888-691-4337 FREE.

Customers can also send their queries regarding this topic at the Email address securitymailbox@harley-davison.com.