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Find A Real Estate Agent Using Realtor.Com is the website for National institute of Realtors. A realtor is basically a person dealing in Real estate Broking. This institute is considered to be one of the largest and strongest Lobbying group in U S. They have spent more than US $ 100 million in 13 years. The total number of registered clients with National institute of Realtors in the year 208 was over 1.2 registered millions. These members were either real estate persons or property manager and people belonging to in type of field related to Real estate. All the members of this institute have to follow the same rules which were established in 1913 by the management of this institute.


Using the official website of realtor, customers have the facility to find a real estate agent in their own area by following the steps given as under:

  • Go to the web portal where real estate agents can be found out that is
  • This link will open up the “Find realtors” option from the main menu bar of
  • In the main window pane at top of this page under the title “Find a realtor”, enter your address and name to locate a realtor.
  • You can also enter the name of your city, postal code or neighborhood area in the space bar titled “Area served”. Click the “Search” button on lower right side of this window pane to look for a realtor.
  • The website also offers its customers an option of advanced search, you can use this option by clicking the respective link on lower left corner of the same window pane mentioned in step 1.

Specify in the scroll down main menu whether you want to look for agents, team members or company.