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File Claim For Michigan Unemployment Benefits

Government of Michigan runs Michigan insurance organization. The aim behind the idea is to facilitate the persons with unemployment benefits who deserve these benefits with a simple process. An online network is designed to receive online requests from eligible people. Just access the online application and fill in the form with requested data. Make sure your details are valid. Submit your request it’s all take a few minutes to complete and saves time. You must be a legal resident and meet the criteria. Log on to official website and submit your claim for your unemployment benefits. To apply for this claim you must provide your social security number and driver’s license or state ID. It’s easy and secure.

Follow the sequence of steps as described below to submit claim successfully.

  • To gets started you need to follow the link that is
  • Once you are on resultant page, click on the “Online Services” link given on the top of that webpage.
  • Form all services you need to pickup “File Unemployment Claim By Internet” link to start the process.
  • Read eligibility criteria and say yes to all conditions to continue.
  • Press the “To Begin To File A Claim” link and go with “File A New Claim” option.
  • You will be directed on the page where you need to verify your identity to access the online application.
  • Once done, press the “Start Here” link.
  • Start providing your information. First enter in social security number.
  • Repeat your social security number for confirmation.
  • Next enter in your complete name. first enter surname and then your first name, middle name and suffix. If you have, provide additional last name you used in the last 18 months.
  • You need to provide driver’s license number and issuing state.
  • Once done, hit on the button “Go To Step 2”.
  • Complete the process by providing further required information.

Submit unemployment benefits claim online through secure application or apply by phone calling at at 1-866-500-0017 or 1-866-366-0004 toll free numbers.