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File An Initial Or Vaemploy Weekly Claim Online

Virginia Employment Commission will help those who are unemployed or have reduced their working hours with an Unemployment Insurance. The commission center can help even the people who now reside in Virginia but worked in another state. In order to file a successful claim you have to go through 3 steps. The Commission website is a great source of information and there you can see what you need to do in order to receive an unemployment claim. On the website you can see what happens when you try to fraud the state. Providing inaccurate information can imprison you for 30 days and fine you up to 100$. On the website you can find jobs and professional help in order to get the unemployment claim but also to provide you with a job. There is a section where you can search for a job fitted to your skills.


  • Social Security Number
  • Accurate name and address
  • A payment method

How To Obtain An Unemployment Claim?

As said before Virginia Employment Commission works in 3 steps to complete a successful claim.

  • The first step is to file an initial claim where you need to provide accurate and complete information. You can complete this step online or by phone. This step is easy to take and an automatic way to register for work.
  • Visit
  • On homepage go to the button “unemployed” and select the link “file initial or weekly/ continued claim.
  • On next page there are the benefits and features o the claim. Click the link “file an initial or weekly/ continued claim”.
  • Enter your ID and password to login.
  •  If you are a new user then click the link to create the new account.
  • Enter your id, password, name, SSN, date of birth, select the security question and enter your email address to fill in the form and click the button “ submit” and follow up instruction to file your claim.


  • You can still earn money even if you don’t work anymore.
  • While you receive your weekly benefit, you can search for a job.
  • Professional help you receive.
  • Website with complete information you need to know.


  • You might need to wait for one or two weeks until you will receive your benefits.
  • Regulations that are a bit restrictive.

Virginia Employment Commission is a division of the Virginia state government that provides help for unemployed citizens that reside in the Virginia state. The commission provides professional help to every citizen that is a victim of unemployment. The commission also provides unemployment insurance in order help the citizens until they will be able to work again. The website is very well made, offering a large amount of information that you need to know for a successful claim. They even offer a guide for what to do if you are unemployed. You can find anything you need online, even forms needed to complete and news about job fairs or jobs that are fitted to you.