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Enroll To Target Take Charge To Education Service

Target Corporation is a U.S based retailer store. This company was introduced in 1902 and has a head quarter in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This company is ranked among one of the top retail companies all over the United States of America. This company has also its outlets in Canada and has its outlets at about 2000 locations in total. The company has about 361,000 employees up until now who work hard in order to provide excellent services and make the products available for them all over the Target stores. Due to its reliable services, it has managed to introduce a number of brands and its own products in its stores.


In order to login to the reward and benefits section and get the education services, Follow the steps:

  • Open the official web portal where you can see the rewards and benefits. This website is
  • Scroll down to find the title “Take charge of education” and click the “Enroll” button in order to proceed to the next screen.
  • If you are a new member, you can sign up by entering your city, state, name of the school you study in and postal code and click the enroll button. This can be done in the left most window pane.
  • If you want to edit your information or check your balance, fill the required information in the middle window pane.
  • In case if you want to look for your school in the eligible list of schools, enter the details in the right most window pane and click the “Search” button.

You can visit this website at any time to check your balance.