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Enroll For Master’s Degree On Discovery Education

Discovery channel is a U.S. based broadcasting cable network which offers a number of shows related to science that covers animal anatomy, chemistry, machinery and its repair and many other areas. This channel was launched in 1985 and has a number of viewers all over the world.

Discovery offers educational programs to the students in order to educate them on science related fields. You can enroll for the programs on campus as well as online by paying reasonable tuition fee. It offers a number of course such as “Aligning brain based research and technology integration”, “project based learning”, “Digital media in classroom” and many more. These courses are affiliated with Wilkes University. Follow the steps given below to enroll for a master’s course.

  • Open the website
  • Click the button “apply online” shown on the left side of main screen. this procedure opens a new tab in your web browser. Go to that screen.
  • You can submit the degree application online which costs $35 or download the application form and send it via mail after filling it. This procedure costs $45.
  • Provide your details such as complete name and address, contact numbers, gender, date of birth, SSN, Email ID, previous education and professional experience, the course in which you want master degree and your signatures.
  • After filling these details enter the date of application and wait to be contacted from the staff members of Wilkes University.

The procedure does not require you to submit any recommendations by the previous faculty members or researchers. You just need to submit copies of your graduation documents and transcripts and send a copy of your undergraduate degree. You can also view the schedule of studies and textbooks on the window pane at left side of screen.