Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Download Mapquest Mobile App

MapQuest is a website which offers the internet users to check their location, navigate different ways and paths, locate point to point distance and turns using the official website. This website was developed by AOL which is a U.S based company. The website can be translated in different languages to facilitate its users. This website was introduced in 1996 and has gained fame since then. this website has a rank of websites in top 850 websites all over the world. You can also download the cell phone application of this company in order to have an access to it through your portable cell phone device.


You can download the application of Mapquest on your mobile phone by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the website where you can download the mobile application. This website is
  • You can send a text message to your cell phone in order to receive the download web link by entering your cell phone number in the navigation bar represented by a number (555) 555-5555. Click the “send” button to proceed.
  • You can also visit the apple store, Google play store, windows store or Amazon in order to download this application from the store of your own choice in accordance with the compatibility of your device.
  • To download apple store application, hover the computer pointer over apple icon displayed on the right hand corner of the website. This will display “Apple store” title. Click the title, read the description, user’s views, and other details and click the “Free download” button to have this application on your Iphone.
  • If you wish to download this application from Google play store, open it by clicking the respective button below apple store option and click the “Install” button. You can also add it to your wish list.

You can also download this application from Amazon or Windows store by going to the respective stores.