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Download Happy Meal E Book Online

Happy meal is a type of meal offered by MC Donald’s particularly for children and also marketed at kids. This service started in 1979. The different thing about this meal is that there is usually a toy packed inside the box along with the meals. The box usually contains a Mc Donald’s logo on it and pictures of recent TV shows and Movie characters printed outside that box and are used for marketing of those show’s or movies. The packet of happy meal usually contain some edible fast food products like hamburgers, mini serving of Chicken Mc Nuggets and Chicken cheese burger, the other thing is some sort of side item like French fries, Apple souse and salads are also served in some areas as side items and the third item is a glass of drink like cold drinks or milk or juice. In different countries according to the likings of people of that area MC Donald’s stores can include other items along with the original Happy meal like in some area they serve Grilled cheese sandwich and this meal in known as Fry kid. Happy meal also issues happy meal E book online on their website. You can easily access their E book online.

To download happy meal e book online follow the steps given below.


  • Open the home page of happy meal e book
  • You can play games, watch videos and see what new toys are currently in Mc Donald’s stores
  • Click on the section E book
  • Happy meal’s e book will open
  • Click download to download the latest E book available on the web site on line

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