Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Download Google Earth Plugin To Your Web Browser

Google Earth is a website which offers its customers a virtual portal to view an animated version of the globe. This website offers satellite based view of the earth and locations all over it. Internet users can zoom in to the globe to have a closer look of streets, houses and all the locations. This website is owned and created by Google Incorporation which is the largest digital application maker that offers the applications online. The website also offers information about geography of the location.


You can download the Google earth plugin on your computer browser for free by following the steps which are mentioned below:

  • Enter the URL of this plugin in the browsing window and hit the enter button:
  • On the main screen, find the black screen under the title “Google earth plug-in”.
  • In this black screen, click the link stating “Activate Google earth”.
  • Your web browser will ask you whether you want to permit this plug-in to run in this browser or not. And whether you want to allow it just once or want to allow it and remember the permission settings.
  • These permission details can be specified in the pop up window pane appearing in the top left side of the page.
  • Using this plug-in, you can get a 3D view of the earth and all the locations on it.
  • You can also get this plug-in on the desktop of your personal computer or on your cell phone by specifying the options on top right side of the page.

The website also offers you exploration options for sesame street show locations and outlets and visiting the gallery to view different images on this website.