Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Download Facebook App Your Mobile

Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms which offers its customers a place to find friends and interact with them. The website has also added the ability to make a free voice call and video calls using the chat messenger offered by this company. The company came into being due to the work of Harvard students in 2004. The company handles an internet traffic of more than 860 million users per day as calculated in the figures of 2014. This website can be translated into many languages according to the wish of users.


You can use the online website of facebook mobile to download the application of this social media website to download the application. This application can be downloaded as under:

  • Go to the web portal where this company offers its customers the ability to download the cell phone application that is
  • This website leads you to the web page where the facebook offers you a portal to download the mobile application.
  • Click the “Get the app” button on upper left side of this website under the title “Facebook mobile”.
  • Alternatively you can scroll download to look for the mobile applications provided by facebook for different operating systems in their respective play stores.
  • After clicking the button in step 3, a pop up window pane appears which will ask you to enter your cell phone number and country.
  • Click the “Send link to my phone” button on lower right side of this page. This procedure can also be cancelled at any of the steps during following this procedure.

You will receive the text message and the link in this text message to the application of the facebook.