Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Create Citation Machine ClickOut Version

The writers and the scholars can now easily credit their data, information and knowledge with the help of a citation machine. In this manner the journal, book, document or whatever a writer is writing is fully supported by the information sources.

What Is The Procedure To Create Citation Machine Clickout Version?


  1. You must have a computer or any gadget which is having internet access and also supports your document’s software.
  2. You must have access to the internet.
  3. You must  having your document where you are supposed to create your click out version of the citation.
  4. You must also have a decided citation in your mind.
  5. You must know the place in your document where you want to insert your citation.
  6. You must know that what is the type of the source which you are typing?

Step By Step Guide:

  1. Click on the link which will direct you to the website to create your citation.
  2. Select the style of your citation i.e. the format of your situation in which you want it. Select it from MLA, APA, Turabian or Chicago etc.
  3. Now select the type of source or the document which you are citing. You can select from a book, journal, document or official papers.
  4. A new form will appear in the next page.
  5. Fill the form with the required details.
  6.  The information requirements will be according to your source selection. Author’s name, department’s name, organization name, publication year, the title published, printing agency, the document citation number or ID number and some additional relevant information.
  7. Once you have provided the information that was required then proceed to the next level.
  8. Click on the option “Make Citation” so that the required in text and standard Bibliographic citations can be generated.
  9.   Now all you have to do is to highlight and copy your citations.
  10. Now paste them into your document where you want it to be.
  11. Hence the click out version of your citations is created in your document and they will be of the format which you approve of.

What To Do In Case You Are Having Any Query?

In case you are having any problem or query then you must refer to the help page or forum and your problem will be solved in no time.