Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Comcast Digital Now Box Online Activation

It is seen that with the passage of time, Comcast is succeeding greatly in providing great number of services to its users. Now recently they have introduced the system of Digital now box through which people can get chance of activating their systems. This online facility is provided to all those people who are their members and have joined them on their online website. People can get to enjoy many extra facilities through this Comcast digital now box. For activating it, people have to follow a small procedure which is very much easy.


  • Visit the official website of Comcast the world of more through your connecting device that is
  • They will ask the number of your Comcast account form you, write that in the related field and click the Start button.
  • Carefully read the instructions that will appear in the page and only through reading those steps you will be able to activate and upgrade the equipment from the Comcast.
  • By following the instruction that is given, you will be able to get the instruction. By installing it through yourself you will be able to proceed onto the next step.
  • For activating this new digital box, you need to remove the previous one and attach this new one to your Comcast television.
  • Use your existing cable or wire to attach it to your television.
  • If you applied to activate the HD box then for this you need HDMI cable so that it works properly on your HD television.
  • Check whether your jack equipment is working properly or not and click the Finish button.


Through activation of your digital TV box, people can enjoy great number of channels on their screen. They can get to enjoy the services of company on high resolution. The most interesting thing about all this procedure is that it is totally free of cost. No charges will be taken from you.

About Company:

Comcast Company helps the users to subscribe themselves for the television services. They allow the users to enjoy the channels with high resolution. More than three thousand channels with great sound and pictorial quality are given by them. They provide their own cables and adapters to the people for enjoying the extra services.