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Apply CIBC Travel Medical Insurance Online

Traveling is inevitable. People started traveling from time in memorial to visit places for adventure, business, and make new homes or even find work. There are things like safety and health that one needs to consider while traveling. You don’t want to come back dead but need to return safe and sound. They provide you with a chance to ensure your health in case of any misfortunes that could potentially harm you while away.


You can successfully apply for emergency travel insurance online if the following applies:

  • Your age is below 55 years and are traveling for less than 212 days
  • You are a customer of this bank.
  • Your age is between 55 and 77 with the days of travel being 22 or less
  • If there is no need to cover pre-existing conditions.

Here Is The Procedure:

  • Connect to the internet and go to .
  • Option “Insurance” will be provided for you on main menu above the home page.
  • Select the “Apply For Travel insurance” option.
  • Details relating to the travel insurance will be given to you. Select apply now
  • You will be directed to a page that will give you all the travel options
  • On deciding the best that suites you, select the request for a quote button on the left side of the page
  • There are two Trip plans for you that are following:
  • Multi Trip Annual Plan : you can access application from by this link .
  • Single Trip Annual Plan: approach the form by this link .
  • On selecting what best suites you, you can submit the information after which a quote will be sent to you. Fill in the required information and finish the application.
  • You can choose the mode of premium payments and get ready to go.

Advantages For Travel Insurance:

  • You are covered for any medical emergency that could occur anywhere anytime in the world
  • Assistance is provided to you anytime
  • You get help in finding a doctor, hospital , clinic or medical facilities
  • Arrangements for medical payments with Canadian medical claims if they apply
  • Your transportation back home in situations where it is medically recommended
  • Your condition is monitored and family members updated on progress
  • Translation services during emergency are provided

This is just amazing. Consider the travel insurance and get well soon as you stay safe. No worries for the unknown.

The only disadvantage is that only members can get exclusive packages for travel insurance.

About CIBC:

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is the fifth largest in deposits Chartered banks that provides a range services to more than 11 million Clients around the globe. It is doing very well and its vast services are responded to well in the market.