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Apply Child Support Establish Paternity Online

As the real child support enforcement agency now the State of Texas, the function of the speaker colloquial provides services through parents who propensity to obtain or lock on aid being their descendants. Number of parents is expectation the scrape of the slumping economy. Division of Child supporters of the Attorney probably establishes enforces and modifies latest kid support orders when essential. Follow the pattern guide to jewel extrinsic how your youth assistance decree may personify modified through our office.


  • Driving and state license is required to fill in.
  • Employer name and address is needed.

Instructional Guides:

  • Chip into the site by hitting on the URL here childsupport.oag.state.tx.us on the home page click on “Apply For Services” the next page will show you all those services that are available here to apply online.
  • Move the table present on that page on the first column see the heading “Establish Paternity” move your cursor toward it and see the link “Apply Online” click on it.
  • Read the whole detail regarding this online service , scroll down the page through reading the page and reach to the link at the end of the page “Begin” click on it to process further.
  • Start filling the form first gives the information by choosing the given option for the establishing paternity by custodial parents here.
  • Enter parent personal information which is a set to, name, address, driving and state license number, your appearance details language and identity terms.
  • Give your physical and mailing address in the separate mentioned section for these details here.
  • Need to mention employer’s name and address here.
  • Choose the benefits and continue the process to move on the second page to fill out with appropriate details to complete the process successfully here.

Tips & Warnings:

  • They only need to collect your personal detail at time of any complain with them.
  • They are using SSL to make their site and your data more secure.


If you rank your mourn online, we give incentive that you comp a standard of originate after you fill it out, therefrom you will suppose a pattern owing to your files. Once you crystal constitute or close the browser, you will provide not to act as able to earn your information.