Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Access Carolina Road Runner With OutLook

Road Runner email service is provided by the TWC to give you the new web server service. Outlook is email client service which is used to connect two web services at one platform. You can manage your account by setting their prorates, notes and calendar service.


  • Must have an account for road runner service.
  • Download Outlook at your computer to use it.


  • Open MS Outlook loaded onto your computer and press the option “Tools” and then see the drop down menu and press “Email Accounts”.
  • Now to add new account see the option “Add a new email account” and next see the pop-up window and press the option “POP3” and press the button “Next”.
  • Now enter your full name, road runner email address and enter your incoming mail server address with the domain address also using “@” symbol after your username.
  • Now provide your username along with password into the respective boxes.
  • Under it you can check the password remember check box to enable the cookies .
  • Now to verify your account setting you can click on the option “Test Account Setting” and you can see all the settings like your username and password and if you want to edit any of these information you can easily updates them.
  • For more setting you can click on the option “More Setting” and choose the tab “General” and after that type “Road Runner” in the text field and then enter Mail account and press ok.
  • After making all settings of your account you can easily click on the option “Finish” and after that you can easily use this service.


  • You can manage your email account by using the email client server.
  • You can categories your email and can set email priorities for your emails.


Now you can access the easiest way to manage your account by using this email client service .