Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Book A Giveback Event In Rubytuesday

Ruby Tuesday is the casual dining restaurant known for its hospitality, quality, rigid freshness and rising number of restaurants. The restaurant is fully committed to providing services of good quality foods with freshness by own making garden bar, bountiful and hand-made burgers.  The company is also proud of its employees who are serving guests with the best quality and expertise experience. Handcrafted burgers that are liked by everyone welcomes you to come and join again its delicious taste, and also greets at your home doors. The main motive of the restaurant is to be a better restaurant in America that is liked and preferred by everyone.

  • In order to book Giveback event, you are required to have following requirements:
  • You must have an event name along with your purpose of booking.
  • Name of state, email address and company address.
  • You must have federal Tax ID for its enrollment.

Instructional Guides:

  • First, access the link www.rubytuesday.com/giving-back and go to the main official page of the website from your browser.
  • On main page, click the option Giveback right above the page and further click on “book a GiveBack event”.
  • A new form will open that requires your personal information.
  • Enter the name of the Event and the reason for fundraising from the drop down list, enter the organization info and organization address in the text fields, zip code, email ID and mailing information.
  • Lastly, provide your Federal Tax ID without any dashes, you are also required to upload file in PDF or JPG format then press continue button.

Closing remarks:
The Ruby Tuesday Giveback program has been designed for charity purpose by donating and raising funds to locally residing organization which want to arrange dining event. The company has a rule that it will contribute about 20% out of the total income generated from the restaurant that will be donated to the society in which they are living.