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Become A Member Of Navy Federal Union Online For Free

Navy Federal Union is the most reliable and preferred financial organization serving the military and their families. Become a member and get valuable information and benefits of your membership. Log on and read important information about opening a new account and get started. You must be at least 18 years old to join online. You can also apply by mail, if you already started an application, retrieve your application. To resume your application, enter your email address, password and application ID.

Within this application, you need to provide your name, address, date of birth and driver’s license or other identifying documents that will help to identify you. Membership is free. Follow the steps as mentioned below to start the membership application online.

  • Go to the link that is in order to start the membership application.
  • On resultant, read the information about your account and membership benefits.
  • Press the “Get Started” button in order to access online application.
  • By clicking the button you will be directed on the next page where you need to fill in the membership application.
  • Start with your name. Enter in your complete name. Type in your first name, MI and last name.
  • Enter in your social security number.
  • Enter your social security number again for confirmation.
  • Click the down arrow to choose citizenship status.
  • Select the month, day and year for your date of birth.
  • Select your gender.
  • Select eligibility and press the button that says “Continue”.
  • In next step you need to provide the information to add a joint owner with this membership application.
  • Next you will be prompted to select accounts.
  • Read terms and conditions for this membership and accept them to continue with your membership.
  • Next fill in the online form to make an initial deposit in your account.
  • A joint owner shares access to your account but isn’t a member.
  • You will need to provide the social security number, current home and address driver’s license of joint owner information.

Read privacy policy to make sure your personal information is safe and secure. This will only take about 10 minutes to complete. Become a member now and If you have any questions while completing this application contact us at: 1-888-842-6328