Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Make Donation To Internet Archive For Keep Free Library

A biggest online Archive storage is asking you to donate money to support the amazon services. You can donate one time payments or can subscribe the donation every month or year here.


  • You must have account or any payment services
  • Need to have account details


  • Visit this site and access the huge database of your archives.
  • On the page see the main menu and under it you will see the link of  other services press the link “Donate”
  • For making donation choose the option for “Pick Your Donation Type” by marking on the radio button present below.
  • Next see the second heading “pick your donation level” by marking on the radio buttons given below.
  • After that payment services by clicking on the payment services icon below.
  • If you have selected the Amazon payments then you have to login into you account.
  • Give payment details for donating money to this company.


  • By donating money you will support a company to run the big archive online.
  • You can access the 10 petabytes archives online.

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Internet Archive is basically providing your online services for maintaining the online archive. This services is storing a huge online achieves data into their server and allowing the users to access free. You can access movies, videos , audios and digital files here free.