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Activate Your Replacement SIM

To activate your SIM you must requested for a SIM replacement. You can order for sim via Form of replacement online Sim Order. You must order for SIM replacement because a new size is always needed by device.

Your new SIM will be already started if you have joined EE shortly or you have changed contract through T-Mobile and Orange or you are an old customer and you have been sent your replacement request earlier and you are applying now due to damaged or stolen SIM.

What are the key points to remind?

This process is quite easy you will get text messages and voice mails of updates about network and new applicable settings despite of any activation code.

If you want to receive EE sign on your mobile phone you can do texts and utilize data but you can’t receive calls or messages on your new SIM until process of changeover completed.

If you are having Mobile phone of APPLE, in this purpose you need to check your settings.

  • You need to refresh your IMESSAGE to enable it to show correct number.
  • Go to menu of setting Select option of “Messages”
  • Off the option of “IMESSAGE” wait for a while and turn it on again.
  • Now go to setting menu again select option of “Phone” to check your correct is displaying under section of “MY NUMBER” if number is not correct then add your correct number in this section manually.
  • If still you are having any problem turn off your phone an on it again