Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access Zillow To Find HARP Program To Get Loans

Zillow is an online real estate company which offers a database of a number of properties that can be bought using this portal. This company came into being in 2005. It has a head quarter in Seattle, Washington. It was created by the Microsoft executive Lloyd Frink. Currently the CEO of this company is Spencer, Rascoff.


Harp program can be accessed and joined by the customers of this company by following the steps which are mentioned in the given sequence:

  • Visit the official web page where this company offers its customers the ability to find loans that is
  • Read the details of this program under the category “What is the HARP program?” category which is selected from the window pane at left side.
  • Click the lower left button on this page which is “Find HARP Loans”.
  • This click leads its users to the page where they can view a number of such loan programs.
  • A pop up window appears asking the users to register fill information in the window pane at left side. If you are interest in filling this information to find loans, enter the postal code, property value, balance, backup for loans and credit score in this window pane and click the “Get rates” button.
  • You can also choose the advanced searching options.
  • Click the “View details” button on right side of the loan offers provided with users’ ratings, reviews, location, rate and other details.
  • Enter your name phone number and email ID and specify whether you wish to receive quotes from this website or not.

Read other details and click the “Contact lender” button to get this loan.