Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access Zaba Search Advance To Search People is a website where customers can search for their required information about people living in the United States of America. This website can also be used for getting answers to queries regarding images of a specific person, addresses, crime scene images and these checks. This website was created by Nick Matzokis and Tobert Zakari. It is designed to search for a limited amount of content available online whereas further data collection may be done at Intellius official web page.


Zaba Search can be accessed by the internet users to find out information about different people residing in USA as follows:

  • Open the official web link of this company where it offers its searching options. This website is
  • The advanced search web page opens up by entering this URL where you can search for common names.
  • Enter the complete name in provided spaces. Provide the name of city or town in which you are searching for the person and the state where this city/ town are located.
  • Click the button stating “ZabaSearch Free People Search” button.
  • You can also get the premium services offered by this company which include the background check and searching for people using their phone numbers. These services can be accessed by clicking the respective links on top of this web page.
  • Instead of using the advanced search options, you can enter the name of a person in the navigation bar given under the premium services links mentioned in step 5 and click the “Search” button after specifying the states where you want to look for this person.

The results are displayed along with title name, address, location and phone number. Click the result to view more information about it.