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Access XBox New Consoles To Enjoy Game

X box is an American video gaming brand powered by Microsoft. Micro soft introduced X box the very first time on the date November 15, 2001. X box has an online streaming service named as Xbox live. The head quarters for X Box Company are located in Micro soft Redmond campus, Redmond, Washington, United states of America. It has its offices in all over the world and its available on any of your near micros soft stores and also has its product in general market and different stores display new versions of it. The very first device introduced by x box technologies was named X box after x box the newer version of x box was named Xbox 360, after some time of the introduction of x box 360 micro soft x box technologies introduced X box One. The release date of this one is November 22, 2013. The main competitor of Micro soft X box is Sony Play station. It perfectly competes with Sony Play station 4. Units sold for just x box are 24 + million units, while 77.2 + million units of xbox 360 are sold on the other hand xbox one sold 3 million as of the date January 6, 2014.

To access x box new consoles to enjoy game follow the instructions given below

Steps To Follow:

  • Open the web site of X box technologies
  • A buy now window for new x box consoles will open
  • On that screen see different types of offers provided on the purchase of x box one
  • Select the offer of our choice
  • Click on details to view detail about the consoles
  • Click buy to buy that console

You can also find your X box accessories online on the web site.