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Access Work Source And Create Job Seeker Profile Online

Work source is providing various excellent opportunities for job seekers to find jobs online. Before finding jobs they are required to create a job seeker profile once they have created the profile they are allowed to search all jobs related to their core area of expertise and build their career. If you are interested in finding job please read given below section of procedure.

What is the procedure to create a job seeker profile?

  • You need to have a personal computer along with internet connection.
  • Keep your personal details in hand.

What is the procedure to create a job seeker profile?

  • Insert official URL of website of Work Source in address bar of web browser. Link of website is given as
  • Click on the button which is marked as “Job seeker Registration” located on right side of web page.
  • Click on radio button of “Yes” if you are legal resident of US else “No” and click on button which is marked as “I Agree” to show that you have accepted all terms and conditions.
  • In first section you need to provide personal information including name, social security number, street address, city, state, zip code, Phone number and email address twice in relevant fields as directed.
  • Click the radio buttons according to your details to finish the section of personal details.
  • In next section of Contact information, you need to click the check boxes according to your preferences as these selected check boxes are used as your contact information which would be shown on your resume when you will apply for any job. You are required to select minimum one contact procedure such as mailing address or E-mail or Telephone. You can select from options of Show Full name, Show E-mail address, Show Phone number, Show Mailing address etc…
  • In section of Location, You need to select more than one option to specify the location where you want to do jobs. You can select from options of “Puget Sound Area”, “Northwest Washington”, “Southwest Washington”, “Eastern Washington”, “Anywhere in WA” and “All locations outside State”
  • In section of User Account, You are required to enter “User ID” which should be of minimum 6 and maximum 20 characters, with number no spaces. Make sure you won’t be able to change your User ID once you have saved it.
  • You need to enter password twice in relevant fields to authenticate it. Your password length should be of 6 to 10 alphanumeric characters with no gap.
  • In section of Security question, you need to select a security question from drop down list and answer it in next field twice for verification.
  • You need to click on button which is marked as “Continue to complete Resume/Application section of your registration” located at the bottom of web page.
  • Similarly, you need to follow all on screen instructions to finish the whole process.