Sunday , 21 January 2018
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Access Wells Fargo To Send Fraud Report Online

Wells Fargo is a multinational company which offers a number and a variety of items under one roof. The company offers products in a number of small branches which can be found in different malls and grocery stores. Wells Fargo also bought Wachovia in 2008 which became a controversial issue due to legal issues raised by Citi group. Wells Fargo is ranked as one of the top banks and financial services which keeps a great eye for environmental cleanliness.

Access the official web portal of this company in order to report a problem or a fraud that you faced while making a deal. To do this, follow the steps given as under:

  • Open Wells Fargo web portal at
  • A list of contact numbers will be displayed under different categories such as suspicious transactions, lost debit card, stolen credit/ debit card, suspicious online activity and many other categories.
  • Call the number that is most related to your complaint. Their customer care representatives are available at all times during day and night.
  • You can also suggest whether this official help line is helpful or not by specifying an answer to the question at right hand side of the screen.

In case if you want to report phishing attack or an online identity theft, use the links provided under Contact Us title on the right corner of the website.