Saturday , 17 February 2018
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Access Website Of GOV UK To Renew Your Driving/Vehicle License

GOV UK is providing a facility to renew your driving or vehicle license online, with the help of online renewal it’s easy to forward an application of renewal of license it save your quality time instead of wasting your hours and hours waiting in lines outside office. This online method is very useful you just need to provide your personal information along with details of driver or vehicle and card details


  • You are required to have a computer with internet connection.
  • You must have your personal, driver and vehicle information with you.
  • Visit official website of GOV UK.


  • You need to visit official website of GOV UK to renew your driving/Vehicle license. Here is link of website
  • Click on the button marked “Start now” it will redirect you to another window. Click on the button of “LOG ON” enter your Government Gateway User ID and password and click on button of “Next” else you need to register first by clicking on option of “Register”
  • Fill the form by providing your personal details, address, and driver record with security details.
  • Add National insurance number, UK passport number and password reminders accordingly into given fields.
  • Similarly, you need to provide information about under section of Application and Card details. Submit the information and do confirmation to approve it.
  • Follow the instruction given by website to provide all information which is required to fill form.

Do you want to renew your driving or vehicle? If your answer is yes then what are you waiting for? Sign up with GOV UK and apply for renewal license of your driver or vehicle.