Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Access Vodafone To Upgrade Your Account

Vodafone website is allowing you to upgrade your Vodafone account online. For this intend you need to provide account number of Vodafone along with security code and personal details and you would be done. Once you will get registered with website you will be able to access your account and rewards online.


  • You are required to must have a computer system with internet connection available to it.
  • You need to have a Vodafone account and you must keep your account number with you.
  • You must have your phone with you.


  • You are required to visit official website of Vodafone to upgrade your account. Here is link of website
  • Click on button of “Register” located at the right corner of website it will redirect you to another window where you are required to enter your Vodafone number into given field and press enter button”
  • Shortly, you will receive a message on your phone in which security code will be texted. Keep this thing in mind that security code is only valid for next eight hours.
  • Enter the security code into given box and click on button marked as “Go” or press enter button.
  • Provide you details of account in mentioned fields and follow instructions provided by website to finish the process of registration.

After upgrading your account on Vodafone you will be able to pay on monthly basis and view your print bills and its usage. You can also upgrade online to fresh plans and mobile phones through website.