Sunday , 17 December 2017
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Access United Airlines To Join Travel Club

United Club followers use their digital attachment card over the Unitedapplication on their iPhone & Android phones to contact United Club. digital card are only legal in United Club location. At spouse salons, counting take part Star Alliance -allied salons, members need to existent a legal bodily membership card & other obligatorycertification.


  • A PC with internet connection on it
  • Personal information
  • Address
  • A valid E-mail address


  • 1st go to the official website of “United airlines”
  • Here is the link of the website
  • Open the website
  • If you are MileagePlus member enter “MileagePlus Number or Username” & “PIN or Password”
  • Now click on “Sign in “
  • Now you can join travel club
  • If you are not member click on “Enroll online instantly”
  • Now select “Title”
  • Provide your “First name” ”middle name” ”Last name””
    Suffix” ”Gender” “Date of Birth”
  • “Street Address” “City/Town/Department” “State/Province/Region/Country” “ZIP /Postal code” “ Country”
  • “Home Phone Number” “/PIN (optional)” “Country” “Business/Other Phone
    Number” “Ext./PIN (optional)” “Country”
  • “Home Airport (optional)”
  • Enter you “E-mail address”
  • Now follow the instruction and complete you MileagePlus account
  • After making account you can join travel club

Now you can login to your account to check the your rewards and rebates on your shopping.