Friday , 23 February 2018
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Access UBOC Text Banking to start Online

Union Bank offers its customers a number of financial services and products in the United States of America. This bank has more than 2.4 billion U.S. dollars of assets and is considered to be among the top financial firms all over the world in terms of assets. The bank has been able to open a number of branches over the years. It has been able to celebrate its 150th anniversary successfully with great level of revenue generation in 2014. The bank’s vision is to expand its business while ensuring that no loss occurs in its assets or no delay occurs in the provision of its services.


Union Bank offers its customers the facility of accessing their bank accounts using text message commands by following the steps which are given below:

  • Enter the official web page of this company in the space bar of your web browser that is
  • Read the benefits and services that are offered along with this service online. You can also view text commands that can be used to control the banking tasks.
  • A list of these tasks is given on the same screen to facilitate the users with this service. to get started, click the “Sign on” button on right hand side under the title “Get started now”.
  • Click the web link having a title “Mobile Banking which is given on top navigation bar.
  • Enable the text command option by clicking the button titled “Enroll in text banking”.
  • Enter the cell phone number with which you want to control your account.
  • Enter all the required details according to the instructed steps and verify the information that you just provided.

Specify the username and nick name and start the account usage procedure.