Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access Toms Gift Card Services Online

Toms is a U.S. based company which came into being as a result of the company’s founder’s trip to Argentina. The company’s founder, Blake Mycoskie, observed that these village children do not have any shoes to cover their feet and play and live without any such facilities to get shoes at lower rates. Blake thought of introducing this shoe company after that and made a One to One offer where older pair of shoes can be replaced with new pair for free.


Toms offers its gift cards services which can be accessed and used by its customers as follows:

  • Enter the web link which offers its customers the ability to get to the gift card service options that is
  • A pop up window appears asking you whether you want to proceed to this website or view the link to other language options. Click the “Cancel” button on top to view the original page.
  • View the database of all available gift card options that can be sent using the Email service. Each of these cards have a different price in terms of US Dollars.
  • Click your required option to continue.
  • The leading link will show you a summary of the selected gift card. Select the amount in dollars that you want the company to send along with the card.
  • Select the number of cards that you want to buy and click the “Add to bag” button.
  • This company will make the shipment within 2 days for free in case if you have paid the amount using your Paypal account.

These cards do not have an expiry date or any fee but the cards can not be refunded once bought.