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Access Safeway Grocery To Shop Online

Safeway is the name of one of the most well known grocery stores of United States of America. This chain of stores started when M.B Skaggs made an investment by buying a small grocery shop from his close relative and aimed to serve his customers with best quality grocery items. The first Safeway store opened in Idaho, U.S. the business of this company grew miraculously to open more than 400 of its outlets in 10 states of America. this company is aiming to expand its business all over 50 states of America.


In addition to the above mentioned store locations, you can also visit the online portal for shopping and delivery at your door step. For this, follow the procedure given as under:

  • Open the website where you can shop for items
  • Click the “Start here” button in order to start the online shopping.
  • Sign in to your Safeway account by entering your email ID and password. Click the “Sign in button. This website would also provide you help in case if you are not able to enter your correct password.
  • If you do not have an account, create a new one by entering your postal code in the window pane on right hand side under the title “New customers”. Click the “Start now” button to continue.
  • If you have specified the zip code of an area where this service is not offered, the server will give you an error and will ask for your email ID in order to notify the company about your request from that area to open a store there.

Click the items that you want to shop and the store officials would be responsible to deliver these items at your home.