Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access Phone Claim For Metropcs

Metropcs is an online service for the reporting your theft cell phone or even if your cell phone is out of service. With this system you have an ability to file your claim in 24 hour a day and in most of the case you get your replacement phone as soon as the next working day start to attract more and more customer to join the system. If your cell phone has experienced some sort of accident and your are not willing to pay cost for its replacement login to your online account with phone claim and get your cell phone replaced in 24 hour of the claim. For premium customer there is no need to pay extra charges for your mobile replacement except the amount you paid while sign up. Their online services for mobile include protection against Virus, malware and spyware. With this system if your cell phone is out of service software automatically sends an e mail of theft to the owner of the mobile and than he or she can file their claims. You can easily file your claim by clicking on the website of Phone claim.

To access phone claim for metropcs follow the given instructions.


  • Open the website for phone claims
  • There will be 4 different sections on the home window of the web site of phone claims.
  • First section is File your claim for claiming your theft
  • 2nd section is resume your claim to continue to your previous claimed you filed and its half
  • 3rd section is track a claim for getting information about your previously filed claim
  • 4th section is track a return for checking status of your replacement
  • Click on the link file your claim and continue to your claim

Carefully Read the instructions given at the end of the page.