Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access OSC Complaint Form Online

OSC is a United States Office with duties of serving the complaint about government auditing and retirement plans complaints of the citizens of United States Of America

To access OSC complaint form online follow the steps


  • Open the web site link for your complaints form
  • A window will appear with a complaint form directed towards New York State office of state Comptroller
  • Enter the date of your complaint (It is the current date on which your are filling the form for your complaint)
  • Provide your personal contact information
  • First of all Enter your full name registered according to your Id
  • Enter the address of your permanent residence to approach to you after your complaint is filed
  • Fill in the city of your residence
  • Enter the state in which your city is present
  • Fill in the Zip postal assigned for your city (Zip code is a 5 or 6 digit code assigned to a particular area )
  • Fill in the phone number for your home to contact your through telephone
  • In case you are not at home and to reach you on your cell phone Enter your personal cell phone number
  • Enter your personal E mail address to get Email from the government office

If you have any kind of proof or document related to alleged activity or even if the alleged activity is still happening or any kind of proof or documentation about your notice to your senior super wiser and date the on which this notice was sent fill in this information on the fraud section of the form. Any one can report a fraud if you don’t want to disclose your identity the first section is not mandatory you can only fill the fraud details.