Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Access Netflix To Redeem Your Gifts Online

Netflix Incorporation is the provider of internet based streaming of videos and television shows as well as movies. This company operates in the United States of America and has its services provided in a number of surrounding areas and countries such as Canada, Mexico, UK and many more. The company has about 23.6 million subscribers all over the world. This company has its head quarter in Los Gatos, California, US. The company currently owns about 100,000 DVDs which are offered on its official portal for the registered customers and subscribers.


Netflix offers its customers an ability to subscribe on the official website and get a number of gifts. These gifts can be redeemed as follows:

  • Visit the URL of this website where this company offers its gift redeeming process that is https://www.netflix.com/Gift?gctrkid=67140948&locale=en-US.
  • In the window pane displayed in center of the screen in front of the background image, enter the code for redeeming your gift in the provided space bar. This code must be entered in space below the title “Redeem your gift”.
  • Click the “Redeem” button to get your gifts.
  • You can also buy a gift card by clicking the link displayed on lower most side of the gift redeem window pane. You can buy these gifts from the nearby Netflix stores.
  • The website also offers you a facility of signing in prior to entering this code to redeem your gift by clicking the “Sign in” button on top right side of this page.

The website can also be translated in to Deutsch language in case if you do not understand English. This procedure can be completed by choosing the language on lower left side.