Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access My Medical Payments Family Members Patient Portal Online

The greatest advancement in field of technology especially internet has made it possible to pay your bills online. Now people can enjoy great many benefits through internet and one of them is that they can get access to online patient and family member’s access at my medical payments. By getting access they get chance of enjoying great services and benefits of the company. If you fill out the required criteria and complete the full instructions then you can avail this service very easily and conveniently.


  • Through your web browser, open the website of my medical payments that is
  • For paying the medical bill, one needs to provide the account number in the related field.
  • For this click on the option of ‘Account number’ and enter it. In case you have forgotten your account number then you can visit the help center and over there mention your location and other details. Your account number will be displayed.
  • For your verification you need to fulfill the following procedure that is either you need to provide them your full date of birth or your social security number or your phone number.
  • After giving them verification click the Sign In option.
  • Make sure that you read all their terms and conditions very much carefully and also accept them.
  • Provide all the other details that are required for your side.
  • Complete all the instructions carefully and click the Finish button once everything is done by you.


The best things about my medical payments are that patients and their family members can now easily pay the money online. Now there is no need stand for a long time in queue rather by sitting at your home, office or even in the park you can pay the money. The payment method is very simple and they give you guarantee that your payment will be received in a secure manner.

About Company:

My medical payments allow you to pay your money online. Patients can fill out the forms online and pay the required money. The process of paying the money online is a secure one. There is no fraud in it and it takes very short time.