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Access My GB Claim Account Online

Gallagher Basset is one of the biggest administrative firms which offer its services as a third party. This company presents its services in different countries such as United States of America, Canada, UK and Australia. The company currently has about 4000 employees who work hard to ensure the availability of all the services to its customers in a timely manner. These workers work at 100 outlets of the company installed over the world. The company’s main goal is to guide different organizations which are financially weak or are having a loss in their assets and lead them towards a stable financial position in market. The company is offering its consultants for provision of the best possible services since the year 1962. It also arranges a number of programs related to risk management and for helping its customers out.

 How to access:

You can access the official account registered on the website of Gallagher Bassett by going through the steps which are mentioned as under:

  • Enter the URL of this web page in your browsing window. This address is
  • Enter your user name and password in the window pane displayed at the center of this web page. Note that this window pane has a title “Login”.
  • Click the button “Log in” to submit this information and proceed to your account.
  • If you are having problem regarding any of the steps mentioned above, click the “Contact us” button to view the contact information of this company and talk to the representatives regarding your complaints or problems.

You can also search for different topics related to this company by entering the keywords of search in the navigation bar given at the top right side of this web page.