Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access MSN Game Zone To Find Amazing Games

MSN which is officially known as The Microsoft Network offers its customers with a set of internet portals where a number of its services can be enjoyed by the internet users. Most of its services are free. This company’s website is ranked among the top 50 websites all over the world according to the rankings of Alexa. It was officially launched in 1995. It operates on the slogan “Explore all possibilities” indicating the willingness of its employees to innovate different products and design algorithms and software products to facilitate the internet users. This website is written in the language ASP.NET. Many of the company’s services were named Windows Live during the years 2005 and 2006.


MSN offers a specific gaming zone for the internet users which can be accessed by its customers to find games according to their interests as follows:

  • Open the website where it offers its gaming database which is
  • Find the games in different categories such as puzzle, word & trivia, card & board and many other options.
  • Click the “All <Number> FREE <Category> Games” button at bottom corner of each category to view all the games in this category.
  • You can browse for different games and click the title of the game to select it.
  • Read the description of this game to know how it works. Each of the games is provided with the instructions of playing this game along with pictorial representations in its tutorials.
  • Get the game online, download the deluxe version on your computer or get its mobile application by clicking the respective pictorial icons on top of each of the game web scree.

A pop up window appears where you can complete the steps to enjoy this game.