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Access Mapquest Road Planner Services

MapQuest is a website which was founded in United States of America and offers its service related to navigation of routes as well as locating a person’s point to point movement while travelling. This website also enables its users to enable the GPS settings on their computing device or cell phones and view directions to different locations along with their own location in the map designed according to satellite view of earth.


MapQuest has a special web portal where its customers can plan a route to specific destination or a number of destinations by following the instructions listed below:

  • Go to the website where this website has its route planner that is
  • This planner can be used in case if you have a large number of places where you have to stop. The planner shows you an optimized route where you can cover more locations by travelling through lesser distance.
  • You can plan a route using the “Line by line” option by specifying your start point and end point. The website also offers you option of adding more stores.
  • Specify the optimization options in terms of time or distance and the roads or locations which you want to avoid through this trip.
  • Using the “Copy and paste area” you can specify locations in the text box and specify whether this is a round trip. The same optimization settings are needed here as mentioned in step 4.
  • If you want to travel through a large number of addresses, upload a spreadsheet of addresses by selecting the option “Import spreadsheet” and click the “Browse” button.

You can also download a sample of the excel file or spread sheet from this website to compose one like it and upload it afterwards to design a route.