Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access Linkedin To Connect This With Your Facebook Profile

Linkedin is a professional social networking website which offers its customers a portal so that they may share their professional and educational details to look for jobs or to find the best candidates for their companies. This portal creates a bridge between job seekers and employers. You can also add different connections to this website.


You can access the professional web portal of Linkedin to connect to the facebook profile and add friends from that profile as well. This procedure can be carried out as follows:

  • Enter the address of this website where this company offers its customers this facility that is given by
  • To join as a new customer, enter your complete name, email ID and password and click the “Join now” button. You can also read the privacy policy and conditions of this web page.
  • Customers can also continue to login via their facebook profile by clicking the “Continue with Facebook” button and enter the facebook profile details in the pop up window pane.
  • Enter your email ID and password and click the “Login” button at lower right side of this pop up screen.
  • The customers can also choose to keep their facebook account information stores in the browsing history by checking the “Keep me logged in” statement.
  • If your account is security code protected, make sure to view the code that is received by you on the cell phone via text message or on facebook profile on cell phone and click the “Continue” button.

Customers can also create a new facebook account by clicking the respective option in the pop up window pane or sign in directly to their linked in profile by using their email address.