Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Access Law Works To Get Workers’ Compensation Report Fraud

The Louisiana Workforce Commission offers the residents of this state facility of getting employment related benefits from this department.


Louisiana Workforce Commission offers its customers to report about any fraudulent activities by following the steps which are mentioned below:

  • Visit the official page of this website where this department offers URL to the reporting page which is
  • To report any suspicious or fraudulent act by this department which violates the rules and regulations of this department, can be reported by calling the department representatives at phone number <1-800-201-3362>.
  • To report any fraud by an individual person, click the first link under the title “Worker’s Compensation”.
  • This link leads to a web form where residents of this state can enter their name, location, and details of the individual about whom you are writing this report. This includes the SS number, race, DOB and age.
  • Report the injury type and its date along with maximum possible details about it.
  • Name the current employer and his company to indicate the place of your current job. Also specify the address of this company.
  • Enter the name and other working details of the person that you are reporting and the location of company where he/ she works.
  • Click the second link which is “Report business (Employer/Contractor) Fraud” if you want to report an employer. Specify the details such as name of business, its owner, location, ID of business, job type, violation category/ categories, details of compensation insurance, number of employees, job related injuries (if any), date and type of injuries etc.

Similarly, you can also report unemployment insurance related frauds that are committed by an individual that is employee or business related fraud by entering the contractor or employer name.