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Access Kroger 123 Reward Cards To Apply Online

The Kroger is an American retailer established by Bernard Kroger in Cincinnati and Ohio in 1883. By income it’s the nation’s biggest market chain, second-biggest general retailer behind Wal-Mart and twenty-third biggest companies. Kroger is likewise the fifth biggest retailer on the planet. Kroger’s home office is in downtown Cincinnati. It keeps up businesses with store designs that incorporate stores, superstores, retail chains, comfort stores, and shopping center gems stores. Kroger-marked markets are situated all through the Midwestern and Southern United States. Kroger likewise is guardian to a few “pennant” chains, for example, Ralph in California.


  • Shopper’s card number
  • Pin code
  • Personal information
  • SSN
  • Home address
  • First name ,middle name & last name


  • First of all go to the official website of “123 rewards card”
  • Here is the link of the website
  • Open the website on the main page of the website   click on “Apple Now”
  • Now provide your personal information
  • “Shopper’s card number” > “First name” > “middle name” > “last name” >” suffix”
  • “home phone number” > “cell number” > “date of birth” > “social security number”
  • “E-mail address”
  • “Street address” > “unit” > “ city” > “ state” > “ zip code” > “Timing at address”
  • Now provide all the information which is required and complete this process