Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access Jet Blue To Get Receipt Online

Jet Blue is a Low price American Airline company head quartered in Long Island city, New York, United States of America since 1999. Total number of planes under the owner ship of Jet Blue is 203 and these flights reach in 84 different locations. The official slogan of the company is “You above all”. More than over 15 thousand Employee work with Jet Blue Inc . This company covers 24 states of United states and Different companies on the globe including Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Peru and many other countries. The company is operating 5 different bases in 5 different places for its pilots and crew members.


Jet Blue has an option of getting the receipt from the company online by going to the respective tab as follows:

  • Visit the website of Jet Blue where you can receive a receipt for your travel that is
  • This service is provided for the traveling or flight that was taken during the previous 13 months. If the tickets were booked through a traveling agent, receipt cannot be provided on this website and traveling agent must be contacted.
  • Enter the name of traveler, trueblue number, date of your flight, confirmation number and email ID and click the “Submit” button.
  • After submitting this information, you can view the receipt of flight through which you traveled.
  • Before providing this information, you can also sign in to your account on jetBlue so that you may view a list of your current flights and their specified dates.
  • This website offers a jetBlue account registration option by clicking the “Join” button on top right side of this web portal.

The company can also translate this website in Spanish so that you may get convenience of services by use of your own preferred language.