Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access Google Translator To Translate In Your Own Language

Google Incorporation is a multinational application designing company that has been able to design the latest algorithms and application to help its customers with their internet based services. One such service is “Google Translate”. This service can be used to translate text from one language to another by specifying the language preferences. This feature currently supports 90 languages and the designers are working towards its further improvement by installation of the support for other languages as well.


Google translator offers its customers the facility of translating text from one language to another. it can be utilized by the internet users as follows:

  • Visit the official website of Google where it offers its translation feature:
  • The website is programmed in such a way that entered text in the text box can automatically be tested by the designed algorithm for its language if the “Detect language option is selected in upper left corner.
  • If you want to specify the language, select the option from top left corner or from the drop down menu just beside the “Detect language” option.
  • You can also offer your hand written text by clicking the “Turn on hand writing option” on lower left side of the text box. The appeared pop up window pane can be used for entering text. You can select the written text from the options by the system provided at the bottom of this screen.
  • You can also select the language in which you want the text to get translated by selecting the language option from top right side of the main screen.
  • Click the “Translate” button after entering the text to be translated.

You can also hear the text that you entered or its translation by clicking the “Volume” icon on lower right side or edit this translation to improve it.