Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access Google Finance To Create New Portfolio

Google Incorporation is a digital market giant based in the United States of America which has created a number of online applications up until now to facilitate its users all over the world. This company was founded by Stanford University student Larry Page and his colleague who were working on their PHD thesis. This company has been able to develop online storage spaces as well as products such as Google docs, Google sheets, Google finance and many other products.


Google finance offers its users to create a new portfolio and add it on this portal. You can do this as follows:

  • Open the official website of Google Finance which is given by the link
  • On the lower right side of this page, locate the title “Create a portfolio” and enter the name of your company to create its portfolio. You can also add the ticker instead of company name.
  • Click the “Add to new portfolio” button to continue to the company details.
  • In the “My portfolio” space bar, enter the name of your portfolio, currency and other details in the text box.
  • Click the “save changes” button to add these details.
  • You can also sort the portfolio using the alphabetic order instead of custom creation.
  • Using this section, you can also add a stock or funding details. These details will be added to your google account that is in your use.
  • Prior to completion of this account, you can read the privacy policy or visit the help section to seek help on any of the topics.

This procedure can be cancelled at any time by pressing the “Cancel” button on lower left corner at the right side of the “Save changes” button.