Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Access Go To Meeting To Register With 30 Days Free Trial

Go to Meeting is an online meeting provider software. With this software one can conduct an online meeting of up to 15 attendees. Meeting is conducted via conference and all attendees of conference can see each other at same time, they can also view and circulate documents and programs to each other.

If you want to convince your attendees to use go to Meeting software then you can convince them to use 30 days free trial of it. For this purpose you just have to spend few minutes to register with it in order to enjoy online meeting services free of cost but if you think that you are not satisfy with these services then you can cancel services within trial period. If you want to avail this service then you have to pay $49.

Go to Meeting is providing a great opportunity for people of telecommunication all around the world to enjoy the service of online conferences. Now people of different locations can sit together online in order to discuss their business or personal issues along with facility to share documents, slides, pictures and videos to make it live meeting. It is an effective way by just paying 49 dollar you can catch up everybody any time.

 What are the set of Requirements in order to register with 30 Days Free Trial?

 In order to register with thirty days trial of Go to Meeting you need to have your own personal computer along with internet connection available to it. As long as you have internet you can easily access website of Go to meeting

What is the procedure in order to register with 30 Days Free Trial of?

  • Turn on your computer and open your internet browser, type official URL address
  • Click on link which is marked as “Sign up for a 30-Day FREE TRIAL of GoToMeeting” located at bottom of webpage.
  • You are supposed to read all introduction of Go to meeting. In next step you need to read terms and conditions by clicking on link of “Terms of Service”. if you are agree with terms and conditions and you have no objection even with single clause click on relevant check box.
  • In next step you need to click on button of “Continue”.
  • Obey all guides provided by website to finish the process of registration.
  • Later, you need to download and install software of Go to meeting. Run software on your desktop and host a meeting online.