Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Access Fun Brain JR. Games Online

Funbrain offers an interesting animated portal for providing small children an interface to play and enjoy a number of games. This website mainly targets to provide educational set of games to improve the learning capability of children. The website offers its services in English language and is ranked among the top 12000 websites according to the rankings of Alexa. The owner of this website is Pearson education whose main focus is to provide the infants with a portal to learn and get educated. This website was the first portal to share “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” which became an instant hit after book was published and movie series was made.


Fun brain Jr. is a website designed specifically for children where these children can play different games as follows:

  • Visit the official web portal where this company offers its games and other services which is http://www.funbrainjr.com/games/.
  • Select the first option in the main menu which is “Games” to look at the database of all available games.
  • The games are displayed on a board where customers can press the arrow head at left or right hand side to view more games.
  • Each of the games in this database is given along with an image and title of the game. Click the image to select this game.
  • You can also select he “View all” option to view all the games at once.
  • Click the “Play” button to enjoy this game online. This play button is given by an animated arrow head with the respective title at lower middle bottom of the board in center of the screen.
  • You can get to the next level after completing the first level and getting the thumbs up sign.

The number of available as well as completed levels will be indicated by number of stars on upper right corner.