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Access Fidelity Broke Age Account Online

Fidelity investment is an American origin multinational firm providing financial services since 1946 founded by Edward John Son, 2. The head offices of the corporation are located in Boston Massachusetts, United States of America. This company also owns different luxury hotels and a private Employment agency. The company has a 4 star ranking and was on 8th position in world stock brokers list updated in 2011. In 2012 company also took 4 star ranking but moved up in the list by making 7th position in the list. According to company reports in 2013 more than over 41 thousand employees are working with Fidelity Investment.


You can register an account using the official Fidelity website by following the instructions that are given in the order as under:

  • Visit the website where it offers its registration services that is
  • Under the “Our trading account” title, click the “Open a brokerage account” after reading the summary of this account under this title.
  • Specify whether this is your individual account or will be jointly owned by you and some other person. Continue to next step.
  • Specify whether you already have a Fidelity account or do not have one.
  • For new users, click the second statement and press the “Get started” button after entering your complete name and Email ID.
  • Provide the SSN identification number or SSN, birthday, specify whether you are a citizen of America or not, cell phone or landline number according to the timings, address, postal address and the frequency of your trading. The last detail is optional.
  • Click the “Continue” button to proceed to the next step.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, locate a number under the “Questions” title on right hand side or chat with the company representative.