Friday , 23 February 2018
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Access EBT Cardholder Login To Check Balance

Electronic Benefit Transfer is a system which helps the governing body to issue financial cards such as credit cards in different state of America as well as U.K. This department offers help in two main fields which and financial benefits as well as provision of food. This is done using a set of different programs. These programs are known as SNAP programs. Every citizen of U.S and U.K is allowed to apply for these benefits by filling an application form of the local governing body of respective program and submit it. For application procedure, you must read the eligibility criteria and find out whether you qualify for applying or not.


This website provides an online portal for logging in as a card holder. To do this, follow the sequence of steps listed as under:

  • Open the official card holder link to enter your details which is
  • Enter the EBT card number which would be displayed in front center of your card. Click the “Login” button to access your account.
  • You can manage your account using this login procedure. In order to view the current balance in your card, click the respective button to proceed.
  • You can also view a summary of current transactions and recent activities in your account. to view a detail of any of this, you can also ask the officials to provide you a detailed view of your account statement.
  • This website also provides you help in case if you are facing any trouble while signing in.

You can also login as administrative person, provider, and partner or in any other category displayed in a list of links on left window pane.