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Access Domino Canada For Ordering Your Pizza Online

Domino’s is a U.S. based restaurant which presents its customers a variety of pizzas. This company started offering its services in the year 1960 and has been able to present a variety of its pizzas all over the3 world with the help of its 220,000 employees. This company believes in the slogan “Oh yes we did” which points out its way of showing the confidence in its performance. This company generated revenue of $1.802 billion U.S. Dollars as recorded in the year 2013.

Ordering a pizza online:

Domino’s can be accessed by going to the official web portal of the Canadian website of this company and following the steps which are listed below:

  • Enter the official website where Domino’s presents its customers the option of ordering pizzas which is
  • In the main menu bar, click the first option which is “Order online” to submit the order by entering the required information.
  • Select whether your order is a carry out or a delivery at the specified address. You can also search for the locations at which this company presents its variety of pizzas.
  • Specify the location from where you are ordering this pizza by selecting your location from one of the locations which are:
    1. Home
    2. Apartment
    3. Business address
    4. Campus
    5. Hotel
    6. Any other location
  • Enter your street address as well as the number of apartment where you live.
  • Click the “Continue” button in order to proceed to the next st3ep where you have to select the menu items to submit the order.
  • Make payment online in case if you are a registered customer.

You can also sign in to your profile or create a new one by clicking the respective button on top right side of the web page.