Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access DMV New Driver License

DMV Virginia is the Department of Motor Vehicles Virginia. DMV offers services about registration of auto mobile vehicles and boats in Virginia and the department of Motor vehicles is also responsible for issuance of new driving licenses for the citizens of Virginia, United States of America. The department has a right to suspends as well as extends any bodies driving license who is a resident of state of Virginia. Only Virginia is under the Jurisdiction of DMV Virginia and has offices in almost every city of the state. A total of more than 1796 employee are working with this department. According to the records of the department this department is currently providing services to about 5.9 million License holders as well as 7.5 million automobiles are running on the streets of Virginia.

The good thing about this department is that it has face to face contact to each and every customer of its state unlike any other State department of United State of America.

You can access your new license account online by visiting the web site of the department of motor vehicle Virginia. All you need is your new driving license number which is 12 digit code written on your driving license and your Date of birth.

You can access DMV new driver license by following the instructions given below


  • Open the link for new Drivers license with DMV VA
  • Fill in your new driving license number (12 digit code and this number will not be visible to other person for your privacy)
  • Enter your correct date of birth written on your driving license
  • Press continue to access your drivers license

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