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Access Chase United Milleage Plus Explorer Card

United Airlines is one of the famous flight companies of the United States of America and offers trips to a number of locations within and outside the country. This company was initially known as Varney Air lines” and has been able to develop and progress its way since then. The company initiated its services in 1926 and started merging other airline companies in itself to create and develop a bigger and better airline service for traveling through air. This company stood as one of the very first companies in 1954 which bought the flight stimulator to give a modern touch to their air traveling.


You can visit the website of this company where it offers the explorer card options for its customers by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the website where it offers its customers the facility to access this explorer card that is
  • Using this card, you can have your bags checked for free for in the first go, get a higher level of priority while being boarded, no charges on transactions in other countries, 2 tickets to the United club per year and many other benefits.
  • Click the “Apply now” button to start the application form.
  • This step will open up a new window pane where you can enter your mileage plus number and personal identification number. You can also provide your password instead of PIN number. Click the “Login” button to enter these details to your account.
  • Note that the mileage plus number must consist of 11 digits whereas the new mileage plus number that you will be assigned will have 8 digits.

Complete the application form by filling all the details in this form after logging in.